Gont is a programming language, that consists of largely imperative composition of C-like lexical layer, control structures and speed with ML’s typesystem, functions as first class citizens, and safety. Plus possibly few more things, like objects.
Online documentation

Gont Manual [PDF]
Gontc UNIX manual [PDF]
Gont hacker guide [PDF]
Gont Library Reference

LaTeX sources for documentation are included in CVS snapshots. Additionally, prereleases contain generated HTML and PDF.

Main ftp directory

You should not use CVS snapshots nor PLD CVS directly, since versions stored there is temporary out of date. Release tarball contains „precompiled” .ksi files needed to bootstrap compiler. They are however architecture independent (at least in theory ;-).

You can contact Gont authors though mailing list, gont (at) pld org pl. You can post to the list, even if you are not subscribed.

Gont compiler is being written at the University of Wroclaw, Computer Science Institute, by Michal Moskal, Kamil Skalski and Marek Langiewicz. Gont compiler is web-hosted on team.pld.org.pl, and ftp-hosted on ep09.kernel.pl.

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